About Us

Kat Wallace

Kat Wallace,
Co-Founder/ Producer

Kat is a co-founder of The Topless America Project and Producer  for the feature documentary, Topless America. She was born in the city of Chicago, but always found a connection to nature, especially mountains. Since graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 2009, with a BA in Film & Video and a minor in arts management, Kat has continually worked as a filmmaker activist dedicated to making the public aware of social and environmental justice issues. She has made it her mission to tell the public through her work, that fossil fuels are neither clean nor cheap.

Axel Kurtz

Axel Kurtz,
Producer, Editor

Axel is a Producer of Topless America as well as the editor.  He grew up in southern New Hampshire where he developed his passion for film. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 2008, he knew he went into the correct field and furthered his love of editing. He has worked numerous freelance jobs, including TV commercials, documentaries, a Chicago ad agency, and a post production studio in Boston.

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