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Moratorium Now!

Appeal to Action: Appalachian Leaders Launch Mountaintop Removal Moratorium Now Campaign
Posted: 7/12/11 01:47 PM ET

“Living in a mountaintop mining area was a bigger risk for birth defects than smoking.” — Dr. Michael Hendryx, West Virginia University

Hailing a shocking new study on birth defects related to mountaintop removal mining in central Appalachia as a historic shift and emergency clarion call in the long-time campaign to abolish the devastating strip-mining practice, internationally acclaimed coalfield leaders Maria Gunnoe, Bo Webb and Mickey McCoy, among others who live directly below the lethal fallout of mining operations, have issued a new appeal to all Appalachian and national civil rights and environmental organizations engaged in or fundraising for efforts in coalfield advocacy to join together and demand an immediate moratorium on all mountaintop removal mining operations until the federal government can effectively mitigate a spiraling humanitarian crisis.

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Chicago Clean Power Ordinance Hearing

February 14, 2011 – CHICAGO CITY HALL

After ten months since the original introduction to the Chicago City Council, the Chicago Clean Power Ordinance finally receives a hearing.  During that time it is estimated that 30 more people died from health problems directly related to the pollution caused by the two coal fired power plants on Chicago’s southwest side.

Though hundreds of supporters for the ordinance were present, the same could not be said for the majority of the city’s council members.  We are very thankful for those co-sponsors and others who did take time out of their schedule to attend and we’d like to share a few highlights in this video for folks who were not able to attend our hearing.

It is unfortunate that tomorrow, February 22nd, is election day in Chicago and so few of our current aldermen and candidates were present for the hearing on this highly important issue.

Do you know if your candidate supports the Chicago Clean Power Ordinance?

Visit: for more information.

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Tensions (and Appalachia) Rising

September 27, 2010

Why FBI Raids Against Antiwar Activists Should Matter to Activists Fighting King Coal

By Kevin Gosztola

Keeper of the Mountains Larry Gibson defends the mountains from King Coal.

The FBI raided six locations in Minneapolis and two locations in Chicago on Friday. The raids appeared to target antiwar activists, particularly ones who had been outspoken on the U.S. policies toward Colombia and/or the Palestinians. FBI Special Agent contended the FBI was “seeking evidence related to an ongoing Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation into activities concerning the material support of terrorism.

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Welcome to Appalachia Rising

By Kevin Gosztola

This is what activists participating in the Appalachia Rising convergence are fighting to protect. by Kat Wallace (

What organizers are calling “an unprecedented gathering of Appalachian people and their allies in the movement to abolish all forms of surface mining” for coal, particularly mountaintop removal mining, will take place over the weekend. The organizers hope this weekend will be an opportunity to “build solidarity not only between Appalachians and their allies, but also between communities impacted by similar issues all over the nation.”

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Appalachia Rising Media Advisory

Chicagoans Join Thousands of Activists for Appalachia Rising!

Delegation to Washington, DC to Rally Against Mountaintop Removal & Big Coal

Members of Chicago based groups such as The Topless America Project, Rainforest Action Network – Chicago, and Little Village Environmental Justice Organization will participate in Appalachia Rising to protest Mountaintop Removal coal mining. This event will take place on September 27th in Washington, DC and will be the largest demonstration against the destructive mining process in history.

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Welcome To Our New Site

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our new site, we will be adding a lot of new content and information for you here over the next week. So bare with us while we new our new internet home setup.

Thank You.

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